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"The Red Blanket"   Oil  21" X 20"

I remember sitting on my great-grandfather's lap and listening to stories of the wild west.  My great-grandfather was Sheriff in Palo Pinto County, Texas in the late 1800's.  He told me many stories about encounters with hostile Indians as well as his work for Jesse Chisholm, driving cattle up the trail to Kansas.  These stories told to me as a child sparked my interest in the west and have stayed with me to this day.  Since art and my love of the west has been a consuming interest from early childhood, western art is  a natural for me.

Although I'm always thrilled to see paintings by Remington, Frank Tenney Johnson and others, my study of art has led me into many exciting journeys that do not exclusively include western art.  I enjoy many kinds of art and have studied many artists.  I look forward to continuing my involvement in this most fascinating subject. 

I hope you enjoy seeing a small group of paintings that are my visions of the west.

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